Choosing a Space for Getting Ready

The Importance of Natural Light During getting ready- for hair and makeup, hanging out with friends, and putting on your dress- Natural window light is a photographer’s best friend. While we can achieve a similar look with flash, there is nothing quite as perfect as natural light the way it casts it’s soft light and shadows. Also, not having to use flash constantly gives everyone in the room a chance to forget that there is a photographer in the room. We recommend choosing a getting ready area that has good natural light, and lots of large windows if possible.

The Importance of Ample Space – In addition to good light, another consideration for choosing the best space for getting ready, especially when it comes to the bride, is to find a place that has at least one large open area without furniture. That way when you are putting on your dress there is enough room for full length shots from more than one direction, that will not have furniture in the way.

The Importance of the Background – Finally, when choosing a place where there will be photography, consider the background. The decor of the room, the draperies, and the overall feel of the space you choose will impact the look of your photos. There is nothing like a pretty background to elevate a great picture to a stunning one!

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