I'm on a mission to create better photographers and better photography business owners!

We both know that being a wedding photographer fills the spirit and provides a great service to our couples. Doing it well matters...and so does making ends meet with your photography business.

I want you to be proud of your photography, love your business, and create the life you've dreamed of as a creative entrepreneur.

That's why I started my one-to-one, on-location mentoring programs for aspiring and working wedding photographers. Like having a personalized, private workshop at your very own place, the focus of the program is customized to specifically address your areas of concern, whether to demystify the technical aspects of photography, digital workflow or album design, or to be a visual awakening to build sensitivities and your inner artistry. Designed to save you years of trial and error, Robin’s program can jumpstart your wedding photography business and/or help propel it to the next level.

I can't wait to serve you!

mentor program

* Travel expenses added to fee: Coach airfare or driving mileage charge, hotel, and transfers to and from airport/hotel/sessions.

15 day mentorship program which includes 5 hours mentoring on location (my studio or yours) and 15 days of consultation with two session calls by phone, FaceTime or Skype. 

03. Level three - $1800

30 day mentorship which includes 8 hours/one day in-person mentoring on location (my studio or yours), 30 days of consultation, and four session calls by phone, FaceTime or Skype. This plan can include having me "assist" (discrete observation/coaching) at a wedding of yours, if desired.

02. Level two - $2250

60 day mentorship program which includes 12 hours in-person mentoring on location (my studio or yours) over a 2 day period, and 60 days of consultation with four session calls by FaceTime or Skype. This plan can include working side by side on site at a wedding of yours, if desired. (You get the copyright to the images I take with/for  you)

01. Level one - $4500 

(Designed to take you from zero-100)

A written and telephone pre-session interview

Review of portfolio, website, and printed materials,
if applicable.

Instruction provided during location session 

A written overview is provided with observations and specific recommendations following each session 

Post visit follow up and continued consultation by telephone and/or email during term of mentorship

All levels of mentorship include:

want to get on the wait list?

Yes, each mentoring session includes a one on one, face to face instructional meeting plus a designated amount of time after the meeting for follow up phone calls and emails, questions, critique, and evaluation.

Is there a chance to follow up with Robin after the mentoring session? 

The meeting can take place in your workplace or hers, whichever is most conducive to accomplishing your goals. You will need your equipment, computer, and all materials pertaining to your photography business.

Where will we meet?

Most mentoring sessions take place during the week; however one weekend per month is set aside during most months for mentoring as well. Sessions are scheduled on an individual basis..

Can the session be on a weekend?

Yes, if you would like Robin to “assist you” during a portion of one of your weddings she will  observe you at work, assist you when needed, and work with you side-by-side, participating as a photographer for part of the time. Her goal would be to show you her techniques in action, and to observe and evaluate your working style and techniques in order to make suggestions for after the event

Could Robin come along with me to a wedding assignment?

With a pre-session questionnaire and telephone interview before coming to your location Robin will discuss with you your needs, areas of concern and goals as a photographer. Through this process we will form a plan of action of how time on location would be best spent and what areas we will focus on. On location as we are working together, other suggestions and areas for improvement may become apparent and be added to our plan of issues to address.

How might I best use my one-on-one time with Robin?

Robin has trained on a daily basis with one of the world's most renowned wedding photographers. Working with her can give you insight into the latest alternative methods and techniques. 

Can you help me with office set up? Digital workflow? Album design? Equipment? Lighting techniques? 

Yes, your program will be specifically customized to fit your needs and can cover any or all areas of photography and the business of wedding photography.

Can you help a seasoned wedding photographer?

Being mentored, even as you prepare for one of your first assignments can instill the confidence and professional techniques that will serve you throughout your career.

What if I'm just starting my wedding photography business?


Due to limited space, doors are currently closed.

Here is the story of a photographer who travels around the country helping other photographers by performing a unique service that is needed in the industry. There are lots of great educators out there, and many photography workshops to choose from across the country, but there is still so much that needs to be done…when someone leaves a workshop, what next? A workshop is usually geared towards a group with the diverse needs of many. It may teach a few specific skills and get you pumped up about your business, but once back in your own environment it can be difficult to take just a few new skills and enthusiasm and make meaningful advancements in your business. Robin Gerrard’s mentor program is unique in that it is a “workshop” that is a one-on-one learning experience tailored specifically for each individual. As an accomplished photographer, artist and teacher, adept in both the creative and technical aspects of photography, Robin brings her knowledge and experience to professional and aspiring photographers across the country as their personal trainer and mentor. The experience of being mentored by Robin focuses on those areas where her student stands to directly benefit, at their studio or hers, at their pace, and where every topic has been chosen for their needs with the full focus of meeting their personal goals.

From her strong art background, Robin learned the art of seeing, what to look for, and how to give a fine art edge to photography. Where some students are interested in Robin’s help to master the technical aspects of photography or learn about the latest equipment and techniques, others are more focused on the business side of things, and still others use the experience as a visual awakening to build sensitivities and awaken their inner artistry.

With straightforward explanations and hands on instruction in the secrets of technique, workflow, and the artistry of photography, she shows her students how to give their imagery an unmistakable professional look that helps to jumpstart their photography business or propel it to the next level. Topics vary from student to student, and can include equipment, camera technique, lighting, style, techniques to add an artistic edge to their photography, workflow after the shoot, contracts, pricing, and/or business presentation and marketing. Some mentoring sessions even include having Robin as co-pilot at one of her student’s wedding assignments.

the story

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the story / program details / bio

Contact and commission Robin to be your mentor, choose level of service, verify available date, sign registration form, and submit 50% fee deposit. A questionnaire will be sent to you to fill out concerning your photography background, photography gear, and goals. Along with the completed questionnaire, mail or email work samples and/or send a link to your website for review. Ideally Robin can prepare best having seen examples of your work in various scenarios i.e.: flash, available light, formal portraits, photojournalistic images, etc. If you work with printed materials such as business cards, brochures, pricing schedules and contracts samples of those should be sent as well for evaluation. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your current imagery, workflow and business materials Robin will be able to offer insight and solutions for professional advancement.

In short order Robin will be in touch by telephone for an interview to prioritize needs and to further discuss your photography needs and goals so that together you can work towards creating a customized plan to maximize the mentoring experience.

Prior to Robin's arrival she may prescribe specific software to increase your workflow efficiency which she will cover during her in person visit.

The in person, one on one session: Depending on your plan, the day may include thorough review of camera, flash and lighting techniques, your photography style, and expressing your artistic vision with more powerful composition and imagery. Depending on your needs your plan could also include Robin's attendance, as your co-pilot, at one of your wedding assignments...even one of your first. 

Other areas of concentration could include business operations like digital workflow after the wedding, working in raw vs. jpg, website, album design, presentation of work, communication with clients, and contracts.

Shortly after the in-person visit Robin will provide you with a written synopsis of what we covered and suggestions made. For the balance of the mentorship period (15, 30 or 60 consecutive days) you may contact Robin by phone or email with follow up questions and/or for critique of new images.

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Over twenty years ago Robin started shooting with Nikon film cameras, developing and printing her own work. In 2003 she moved from the 35mm and medium format film world to a fully digital workflow using exclusively Canon digital SLRs.

After studies at Parsons School of Design in New York City, VCU in Richmond, and GSU in Atlanta, Robin earned her Fine Art degree, Masters of Art Education, and Teacher Certification in art.

Personally trained by Denis Reggie and primary associate photographer for Denis' national and international weddings from 2003-2006.

Robin currently runs her own successful wedding photography studio. She has traveled throughout the United States and worldwide photographing weddings both large and small, and has twice photographed nationally broadcast weddings on NBC’s top-rated Today Show.

Robin lectures nationally and was a platform speaker at WPPI 2006 in Las Vegas in a program sponsored by Canon and Leather Craftsmen.

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education for photographers

the story / program details / bio