The Georgian Terrace Hotel Weddings

The Georgian Terrace is another elegant Atlanta wedding venue option. It has a nice mix of historical, elegant, and modern.

The historic Georgian Terrace Hotel dates back to 1911 and has quite a spectacular history, with one of it’s most notable events being that it was the hotel where Harold Latham, an editor scouting for new writers, secured the manuscript for Gone with the Wind from Margaret Mitchell Marsh. Her novel was published in 1936, and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937. When the book was made into a film, the movie premiere was held across the street at the Fox Theatre, and the Georgian Terrace hosted the premiere party afterwards. In attendance by all the stars of the movie, plus many other greats of the time such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Walt Disney and Elvis Presley. The Georgian Terrace was originally built in a Beaux Art style in architect William Lee Stoddart’s idea of a Parisian Hotel come to the South. Now, renovated, and an Atlanta historic landmark, the Georgian Terrace offers a dreamy mix of historical features with modern amenities. For brides and Groom’s (and my photographer’s eye), it offers a variety of interesting backgrounds for group and romantic couple’s shots, along with an old world Ballroom and other spaces perfect for a traditional Atlanta city wedding.

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