The Importance of Lighting – On the Dance Floor

Having good, consistent lighting on the subjects makes a world of difference when it comes to getting good dance shots. If you have your heart set on very darkened space or more of a disco feel on the dance floor, with flashing, changing, or colored lights during your reception, save that for after the important, planned dances such as the first dance, father/daughter dance, etc.  We recommend that you talk to your venue and band about what to expect for lighting on the dance floor, (sometimes bands bring and set up their own lights- which you may not know about if you don’t ask), and let them know it’s important that the dance floor not be very dark or lit with flashing lights or colors until after the planned dances. That way we can get beautiful, elegant photographs of those sweet first dance moments, and then later, we will change gears in order to get fun shots with disco lighting.

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