What if it Rains?

Rain? Don’t worry! You are marrying the love of your life and your marriage is for a lifetime. Rain on your wedding day is not important in the greater scheme of things. Besides, rain isn’t a bad thing as far as your photography goes. Just be sure you have umbrellas on hand for yourselves and guests. Whether colorful or clear, umbrellas can be a fun addition to your wedding photos.  Personally, I love the creative opportunities that arise when it rains! Think cuddling, skipping in the rain, kissing under an umbrella, reflections in water on the ground, and having your groom help you as you are carefully stepping over a puddle…etc.  In case you need a little more encouragement to fully embrace the idea that rain on your wedding day could be a good thing, here are more ideas, and a little bit of folklore:

It could be good luck. In some cultures rain on your wedding day signifies fertility and cleansing.

Overcast skies make nice even light for photographs.

Your flowers are less likely to wilt. Flowers in your bouquet and boutonnieres are generally happier and do better with cooler temperatures and humidity than in high heat and sun.

It’ll make for a great story. Wedding day disasters may not seem funny in the moment, but someday you will love telling your children stories from your wedding day.

When the rain is over, you may get to see a wedding rainbow!

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