“Good wedding photography is the telling of a love story, and the story of a milestone event in a couple's life. I want to tell that story, to convey a sense of who you are as a couple, and the connection you share with each other, your friends and your family. There is beauty in the emotion, and also in the details chosen to be part of a wedding. I love capturing everything from the small details, to the overall scene, to the emotion and excitement practically vibrating in the air. There are so many artistic elements of wedding photography. Through light, composition, special details, and a day filled with extraordinary emotion, weddings are an artist and photographers dream...the perfect canvas to tell your story photographically.

"I'm usually a quiet observer, working in the background with long lenses whenever possible. Some of my favorite shots happen when people forget about the camera, and that I'm in the room. They let down their guard and are in the moment. that's when the magic happens."



I love finding the simple beauty in all the little moments that become the story of your wedding day

elegant farm wedding

Winter wonderland

Ballroom beauty